AmeriDoc: E-Consultations Plus Unlimited Telephonic Medical Consultations

Members and their families have unlimited access to U.S. based physicians through consultations over the phone or through email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Doctors can be difficult to contact, illnesses can occur in the middle of the night or at work, and sometimes you have a question that doesn't require a face-to-face consultation. AmeriDoc offers a convenient solution to those instances and more!

Regardless of time or location, members can connect with a physician in real time for general information. The physicians can review medical records, diagnose common conditions, recommend treatment plans and prescribe non-controlled medications when appropriate. This telemedicine service is an accessible complement to your primary care.

AmeriDoc Services include:

  1. Information Consultation:

    If you have a medical question that only a doctor can answer, physicians are available for unlimited general advice and recommendations regarding a range of routine medical conditions.
  2. Diagnostic Consultations:

    When you need more than basic medical advice, licensed physicians in your state are available for unlimited diagnostic medical consultations, which provide advice, recommendations and treatment plans, including prescription medication when necessary.
  3. Electronic Medical Records:

    A personal health profile that stores your medical history, consultations, doctor's notes and follow up discussions. The information submitted is secure, confidential and is available at any time. This record can also be shared with your primary care physician for continued care.
  4. E-Consultation:

    If you have a medical question that only a doctor can answer or need advice, physicians are available for unlimited email medical consultations regarding a range of routine medical conditions.

Call AmeriDoc when:

  • Your child has a stuffy nose and a cough. Is it a cold or allergies?
  • After working all day, your back is sore. Should you apply ice or heat?
  • Your spouse has recurring acid indigestion. Is it something to worry about?
  • You have a question or need a refill of your regular medication (diabetes, blood pressure, etc).
  • Your child wakes in the night with high fever. Should you go to the emergency room?

*This product is not available in MA.

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